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A Calgarian International Development Charity by completing solar energy projects in developing communities around the world
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COVID-19 UPDATE: While cancellations of travel and overall economic uncertainty have impacted their organization greatly, LUTW keeps working hard to bring sustainable energy to those that are still left in the dark in underserved communities. in 2020 The organization electrified 2 schools and 300 families with new access to solar energy. LUTW is coming up with new ways to get involved, today you can support universal energy access by buying a Helio Solar rechargeable light and power bank and 100% of the proceeds will go towards their mission and operations.

789M people still live without access to Electricity. Light Up The World (LUTW) is a Canadian registered charity dedicated to the idea that access to energy changes lives. They work in remote off-grid communities that lack the basic technologies that many of us take for granted. By providing these communities with solar photovoltaic systems, they help them transition away from using polluting fuel-based lighting and costly single-use batteries. The result is transformational. With a focus on training local technicians and developing the capacity of local service providers, LUTW fosters long-term partnerships so that communities are empowered to move towards a more sustainable future.