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To build a community of growers that are working with nature in a safe, productive, and ecologically beneficial manner.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: As the issues with normal day to day are still affected, Living Soil Solutions provides free delivery of products in the Calgary area. Services are still available and proper protocols are followed to ensure safety for the workers and the customer.

By using biologically active compost and vermicompost, they are able to put diverse microbiology back into the soil food web, and bring a state of natural balance to your backyard or back forty. Living Soil Solutions educates about the biological properties of soil and provides a high level of customer service by using ethical products that help restore the relationship between soil and plant.

The business was started by Mike Dorion aka the Compost Kid beginning with a Gardening class put on by the Calgary Horticulture Society, He became immersed. It continued with his Permaculture Design Certificate, SPIN Farming, Greenhouse Design, Compost Facility Operators Certificate, and mentoring in Soil and Soil Microbiology. He is currently working on his Soil Food Web Advisor role with the Life in the Soil program put on by Elaine Ingham, and sits on the board of Calgary Permaculture Guild.