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An impact investing cooperative raising community capital to invest in businesses benefitting people and the planet here in YYC
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COVID-19 UPDATE: A capital raise is currently underway with Local Investing YYC in a time when the community needs it the most. If you're in need of capital, reach out to Local Investing YYC to learn more about investment opportunities. Debt and equity financing are available.

Local Investing YYC is an impact investment cooperative that raises community capital to invest in local businesses that are generating financial returns while creating positive social and environmental change in Calgary. They believe wealth is available right here in our own community for investment in local businesses that are creating jobs, growing and diversifying the local economy and benefiting people and the planet. In 2019, Local Investing YYC raised $500,000 in capital investments in three local businesses, Righteous Gelato, Lowen's Natural Skincare and Biffco Innovations, which are growing their workforce, innovating and scaling their impact while expanding into new markets. In 2020, Local Investing YYC launched a second capital raise with a goal of raising up to $2 million to invest in 5-8 local businesses and social enterprises making an impact in Calgary.

If your business needs capital, Local Investing YYC is here for you. They know first hand the challenges local businesses and social enterprises face in accessing patient capital. By mobilizing community wealth, Local Investing YYC is able to provide patient capital to entrepreneurs needing capital to grow and scale their impact. A key goal of Local Investing YYC is to make local investing accessible to Albertans seeking to diversify their investment portfolios into the local economy. Investment shares are TFSA and RRSP eligible with a minimum investment of $5,000.