Lowen's is a Calgary-based boutique natural cosmetic/skincare company.
Member Since 2014
Employees 5
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Local Suppliers 77%
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867 Oakside Circle SW
Calgary, AB T2V 4P6
Environmental Initiatives
  • Recycling
  • Product design
  • Home office
  • Waste reduction
  • Local purchasing
  • Minimal packaging
  • EWG-Verified Products


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COVID-19 UPDATE: Online store open 24/7. Local pickup suspended    

Lowen’s is a pharmacist-created line of natural and hypoallergenic products formulated under four core principles:

Principle # 1 – Safe for them, safe for you:

All Lowen’s products have been formulated using ingredients that founder Chad Zelensky deems safe for use on his family, and he has tested all of them.  If the family wouldn’t use a product on themselves, it’s not being sold.

Principle # 2 – Do no harm:

No animals are used in the testing if any products or their respective ingredients.

Principle # 3 – Keeping it simple:

Ingredients are selected based upon their multifaceted qualities.  This allows Lowen’s to keep the quantity of ingredients to a minimum. No artificial scents, colourants or flavours allowed.

Principle # 4 – Sensible sourcing:

Using only organic, fair trade and locally-sourced ingredients, while minimizing its carbon footprint is what Lowen’s strives for. The Triple Bottom Line is always in mind.

With the business being named after Chad's daughter, Lowen Emma Marie Zelensky, ethical business conduct is inherent in the daily business operations.