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Marigold Beauty is an inclusive company, offering cosmetics with sparkle, glow and glitter, to highlight your inner beauty
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Marigold Beauty offers shipping within Canada, and free local delivery or pickup. Marigold Beauty has approval from Alberta Health Services to operate. The Founder, Lily Ahonen, has taken additional training in Covid-19 safety protocols through Barbicide. Lily is also a Nurse and takes health and safety very seriously.

Marigold Beauty is a new business, offering cosmetics with a focus on highlighting natural beauty, rather than covering up any perceived flaws. They plan to create a community with workshops, and sharing resources on the issues that matter to young people. They care about making people feel beautiful on the inside and outside.

Marigold Beauty was founded by Lily Ahonen, an internationally certified makeup artist. Lily is a youth mentor who cares deeply about her community, and has named the company after her teenage daughter. Marigold Beauty strives to empower its clients by sharing makeup products (liquid shimmer, liquid highlighter and sparkle lip gloss), as well as local resources on topics such as self esteem, mental health, leadership and healthy relationships. The motto of the company is "Glowing up Fierce".

All of the products are made in Canada.