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Releasing the “Bold Magic Colour Maker” in each of us
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131 Hidden Crescent NW
Calgary, Alberta T3A 5L3

COVID-19 UPDATE: Moved all in-person workshops online and lowered prices to make it more affordable during this time. Maya has partnered with a local Art store to be able to sell watercolour kits for those who are taking the workshops.

Maya loves collaboration. She is fueled by bringing ideas and people together to create more joy in the world.

Maya has taken her 20 years of visual problem solving as a graphic designer and integrated it with the power and positive impact art has on each of us- personally and professionally.

Whether it's running workshops for people who are curious and want to nurture their own abilities to create, or challenge how we communicate our authentic selves through the visual medium, Maya is showing people how to be creative again, how to surrender to their self-expression and bring life to the stories that make them who they are through lines and colour on paper.

Maya believes that Life, like painting, is not about perfection, it’s about experimentation and enjoying its unpredictable nature. It’s about letting go of control and appreciating the sheer wonder of the unexpected. That is art and many have forgotten the power it has.

Maya is always looking to collaborate with other local businesses and Be Local members!