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Slow Fashion Brand for the Progressive Gen X Woman
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COVID-19 UPDATE: At this time we provide all clothing through our online platform.

Myka Soula’s pieces are timeless and meant to fit the established GEN X woman with pieces that are timeless and meant to last. Their product goal is to continually provide consistent fit and expectations to women.
Essentials provide fit opportunities for sizes XXS to 2XL, multiple inseams and sleeve lengths.
All made with little or no buttons, zippers or fasteners that get in the way.

Myka Soula is also about direct collaboration with women in their community.
Women with something to say, to teach and to share with the world.
The women they love and who love them back.
This is for and about them.

They are committed to adhering to ethical business practices, small batch production, and supporting as many Canadian Businesses as possible through their supply and support chain.