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A full spectrum pregnancy birth and baby support system to empower families without barrier, judgement or discrimination
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COVID-19 UPDATE: As a holistic practitioner they are following all of the local provincial and city guidance with regards to COVID-19. In person group fitness classes are under the restrictions exemptions program and anybody attending must show proof of vaccination, proof of a negative covert test or proof of medical exemption. Virtual classes run without bias or discrimination. One-to-one services continue in person or online. If you or someone you know are pregnant, or have an infant between zero and 12 months then please consider referring yourself or recommending them so that they can receive the gifts of their offerings.

NatalieAnu was created to serve the people who need it most. Behind the name you will find a kindhearted, passionate and compassionate founder who believes strongly that everybody should have access to equal information and support. Through the various services that this business offers, you can invest in yourself and your child mentally, physically and emotionally. Part of their mission is to create barrier free access, nurturing parents to nurture their children who intern become nurturing citizens and to carry love and positivity forward for generations to come.