Nature's CoCo cups

Dairy free Hot CoCo filled with vitamins and healthy superfoods, packed in a backyard compostable cup great for nature
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433 queenston Heights SE (only for curside Pick up residential)
Calgary, Alberta T2J 6E9
(587) 434-1981

COVID-19 UPDATE: They offer city-wide contactless delivery or curbside pick-up and Always include a smile and a hello.

Nature's CoCo cups goal is to provide natural great products and experiences for you and nature to enjoy. All of their CoCo cups are dairy-free, vegan, plant-based and packed with superfoods. They utilize only local / Calgary / Canadian ingredients. As a company, they are very proud to be eco-conscious and zero waste.

By taking the simple steps of providing all of their products in backyard compostable packing, with a seed starter kit of sunflowers. They offer knowledge in helping pollinators and as the flowers are edible and add a bit of adventure to the dinner plate. With the goal always in mind to do everything they can, every 10 cups purchased a tree is planted in Canada.

They are a young growing blended family. Together they have spent years travelling and want to share their passion for people and places. As a family, they want to unite as many people to assist in the protection of our Nature. Alongside Nature's CoCo cups you can continue to learn how to live with nature as nature intended.