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Delicious and nutrient-rich foods free of gluten, dairy, eggs and processed sugar delivered to customers’ doorsteps.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Online store is still open. Currently offering buy 1 gift 1- for every order their customers place, they offer 1 FREE meal to a neighbour/friend/health care worker of their choice.

Orgali Foods is a local business that offers great customer experience and fast delivery of healthy and tasty foods straight to their customers' doorsteps. Orgali Food’s customers are people who are short on time, care about what they eat and will not skimp on taste.

Alina Muresan is the founder and owner of Orgali Foods. She was born and raised in Romania. After graduating from medical school, she moved to Canada where she received a MSc. in biochemistry from the University of Saskatchewan and a Nutrition Diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. After her husband was diagnosed with cancer and her son was diagnosed with gluten and dairy sensitivity, Alina and her family decided to make dietary and lifestyle changes to lead happy and healthy lives.

Through Orgali Foods, Alina's mission is to help busy people who struggle with food allergies and sensitivities spend less time in the kitchen and more time building memories with their loved ones around the kitchen table.