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Origin Energy helps people save money and lower their environmental footprint.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Origin Energy is operating as normal during the COVID pandemic. They've adopted a heightened safety protocol that includes proper PPE to protect their customers and team.

Jason Gravelle founded Origin with a vision to do more. How we live, work and play are changing and customer focus business is lost. Origin is inspired by the potential of what we can accomplish if we try; when we care. Origin offers investment-grade energy audits and energy efficiency measures that can yield a return that is up to 20 times the initial investment.

They can perform upgrades with little to no upfront cost, we can save millions over the life of the project while offsetting remaining carbon emissions. Energy efficiency can be as investable as any other energy source. Origin is also passionate about supporting mental health initiatives. They're delivering the future of sustainable technology while powering brighter communities.