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COVID-19 UPDATE: Continuing to serve tenants of rental properties. Video walkthroughs of properties available.

With over 20 years of experience in property management, from owning rental properties to working for a management company, Steve Bleile felt the industry was missing a level of down-to-earthness. In spring 2019, he founded Parallel Property Solutions.

Steve firmly believes in the power of human relationships. “I live for other people,” he says. Parallel’s network of cleaners, plumbers, and electricians are all based locally and share that same belief.

Parallel Property Solutions takes a unique approach to helping the environment with its operations. To help reduce carbon emissions from driving to multiple showings a day, Steve meticulously films each property and includes it in the listing, alongside the floor plans, to also increase transparency. Steve has also recently added recycling bins to each property specifically for unwanted flyers, which he was inspired to do after finding several flyer bundles in nearby garbage bins.