Poppy Innovations offers ‘gate to plate’ programming and Edible Education to teach kids and adults about healthy food.
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Kids Cooking for Kids - Chicken soup competition

Feb. 3, 2018 - Feb. 3, 2018

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Poppy Innovations offers programs to teach nutrition through cooking and food gardening as well as provides management consultancy services to help achieve your business goals. Building community is a responsibility that Poppy Innovations feels strongly should be shared by everyone.

Almost one-third of Canadian children are overweight or obese. This has remained unchanged in recent years in spite of awareness and promotion campaigns. For adults, it is also a staggering picture of poor health. Almost one-quarter of Canadian adults are obese and the rate is on the rise. Education, experiential learning and fun healthy food-based activities offered by Poppy Innovations can provide awareness, tools and resources to create the recipe that will change the way people eat to build a healthier community.