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Offering athletic therapy treatment; emphasizing the value of motion, to help you "get back to it"
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COVID-19 UPDATE: At Precision Sports Therapy they are lucky to be minimally impacted by COVID-19. They remain fully operational, while abiding by all health regulations. Masks are required and they wash and sanitize hands regularly, as well as sanitizing all surfaces between patients. They are pleased to continue providing their services during this difficult time and it is their mission to maintain a healthy, happy, and active community.

Precision Sports Therapy is a business that aims to help people feel their best. They provide athletic therapy treatment to help patients overcome their pain and injuries. Regardless of your activity level, they are happy to help you "get back to it", whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, it is their passion to help everyone rediscover the joys of living pain free. With many years of experience, they assess accurately, treat effectively, and prescribe a personalized workout plan that allows their patients to be in control of their own recovery process.

Their belief is that their treatment is only the beginning of the road to recovery and that it is accomplished quickly and effectively through the dedication of their patients to their own recovery. Their philosophy is rooted in motion. From their experience, they have recognized the importance of motion in the recovery process. It is their belief that just because you are injured or in pain does not mean that you need to stop moving.

They encourage their patients to remain active and proactive during their recovery through strengthening, stretching, and mobilizing as prescribed by their athletic therapist; Andrea Dowd. Andrea's knowledge of the body and experience in the profession provides their patients with peace of mind; knowing that they are in good hands. They offer a friendly, welcoming environment where patients are encouraged to believe in themselves and their ability to conquer their injuries and overcome their pain.