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Natural care products. Food security. Self-sustainability. Being eco-friendly. Supporting our local community.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Operations have remained the same with online sales. Free express shipping is being offered on Ruby's Healing Garden's Skin Repair Moisturizer Salve. Virtual workshops are now available and fresh organic produce is being donated the Calgary Food Bank.

Ruby’s garden is her happy place and her passion!

Ruby’s Healing Garden grew from the desire to be local, self-sustainable, and eco-friendly. It all started with growing her own plants for food security and natural care products. Ruby’s Healing Garden wanted to share with the world that ‘yes, this is possible’ you CAN be sustainable.

Ruby loves knowing how small her ecological footprint is, and how nutritiously fresh her food is when she grows it herself. Gardening is also her mental and emotional escape from the world. Clearing her mind, healing her heart. Ruby hopes that by sharing her love for her garden, providing locally grown organic skincare products and teaching DIY workshops, inspires others be their best selves, support local agriculture, create their own natural care products and maybe even start their own garden!