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Investing with an interest in quality Environmental, Social and Governance practices
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Suite 4100- 525 - 8th Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 1G1
Environmental Initiatives
  • Staff commuting
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Recycling
  • Paperless
Commitment to Employees
  • Benefit package
  • Flexible hours
  • Committees: Occupational/Environmental Safety Committee, Green Team
  • Education reimbursement
  • Professional development, mentorship and training
  • Option to work from home
  • RRSP Contributions
  • Team building
  • Ethical Investing Programs
  • Employee driven charity sponsorships, donations and volunteer work
  • Living wage


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Since 1995, SAGE Connected Investing of Raymond James Ltd. has pursued responsible investing. This method of investing not only studies the financial stability of a company but also the sustainability of a company and its business practices. Patti Dolan a portfolio manager holds her Certified Financial Planning (CFP), Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM),  Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designations and also her Series 7 US license with FINRA. These skillsets allow SAGE Connected Investing to obtain the financial goals of its clients.

SAGE Connected Investing considers the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices of a company in its assessment of investment opportunities. This thorough approach to due diligence identifies areas of risk as well as alignment with sustainability principles. It ensures that the companies in which SAGE Connected Investing invests are held accountable in their business conduct.

SAGE Connected Investing supports a number of charities and organizations in Calgary; Raymond James hosts an annual Feed the Hungry dinner at St. Mary’s and the Raymond James Canada Foundation has generously supported charitable initiatives with SAGE Connected Investing. SAGE hosts Canadian Women for Women Afghanistan Breaking Bread Dinners, funds scholarships to the University of Calgary for students to advance studies in sustainability.

SAGE Connected Investing participates with a Raymond James initiative “Raymond James Cares” in which the company celebrates community activities pursued by individuals and offices.

Community Orchards

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