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An approach to Empowerment and Wellness that will allow a fresh new perspective for your Health Journey
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COVID-19 UPDATE: At the present time, they are still accepting Clients via zoom and in person. The scheduling app will reflect the current changes in spacing out as required. If you have further questions, please connect with them!

Soul Monkey Yoga & Wellness provides a unique perspective on Health & Wellness! With a multifaceted approach, they start from a grassroots level to target exactly what you need. This offers a comprehensive protocol to track your journey and get results. Behind the scenes, the owner and operator Jenn MacAusland, believes that the best lens of wellness comes from authenticity and education. Through both, they can offer the strength of empowerment. Soul Monkey Yoga & Wellness can provide Facial Analysis/Facial Mapping, Iridology, Herbalism, Kinesiology, NIR/RED light therapy, Nutrition and Wellness Consults, Hair Analysis, Wellness Coaching and Yoga Classes. Please Connect with them if you want to learn more!