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Soul Soak offers all-natural products that turn your daily routine into a luxurious & healing experience.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Soul Soak offers local curbside pickup or delivery (location depending).

Soul Soak strives to offer your mind, body and soul the absolute best. All products are hand crafted in small batches with all-natural, locally and responsibly sourced ingredients. With pure essential oils and ingredients designed to offer you the best, we stand out from our fellow creators. Our main goal is to provide an experience that you fall in love with!

When you support Soul Soak, you also support other yyc businesses. Our ingredients, essential oils, and even our packaging are all from YYC. We adore our city and do our best to ensure we also support local, they are the back bone of our community.

Although Soul Soak has this incredible community behind them, it is a one man production. Charmaine is a momma bear to two beautiful children and creator of Soul Soak. After a close call with stress induced illness, she made it her passion and goal to spread awareness for self care. The importance of relaxation and aromatherapy is often ignored or has a stigma of being selfish. She is here to change that stigma!