Food truck and catering business serving up Alberta grown, organic baked potatoes and home made soup
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Pivoted to provide a subscription Soup Delivery Service. SouperSpudz food truck is available to bring healthy food to the streets of Calgary when people need it!

SouperSpudz is owned and operated by a mother and daughter team, Lizzie and Chloe, and was built from a dream.

Prior to Lizzie’s husband's sudden and tragic death, he had planned to launch this business as his exit strategy from the construction industry. Left with a smelly old truck and a big hole in their hearts, Lizzie and her daughter Chloe decided to make a dream a reality, and use the business to advocate for causes they passionately believe in.

SouperSpudz produces healthy, delicious food and serves it where it is needed. During the winter, their weekday lunch times are taken up by catering hot nutritious baked potatoes to schools, and during the summer, their food truck can be found in the industrial and commercial zones of the City where people have limited access to healthy lunch options. SouperSpudz also attends community events, and is most likely the healthiest food truck on YYC streets.

All food sold from the food truck includes a small donation to causes that support women and children at risk as well as the Centre for Suicide Prevention.