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COVID-19 UPDATE: Currently booking all consultations and frame styling by appointment. Reach out to connect with us by phone or online!

Sphere Optometry is a purpose-driven full-scope optometric clinic and optical shop in Calgary's Southeast. At Sphere, they believe in making a positive difference with every patient, in their community, in their city, and in the world. They see the good in every situation, find beauty in the ordinary and extraordinary, and leave things a little bit better than when they found them.

Sphere is all about kindness and connection, ocular and wholistic wellness, and giving back to their local and global community. They also harbour a deep love for independent hand-crafted eyewear and are constantly working towards fulfilling their vision of creating community through intuitive and compassionate health care.

Sphere Optometry is also the happy home of the Fit To Read Project, an initiative that exists to connect books with kids.