Structured Abstraction

Leading technology partner working with social innovators in western Canada.
Member Since 2015
Employees 4
Locations 1
Local Suppliers 10%
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509 6A ST NE
Calgary, AB T2E 4A8
(403) 837-5287
Environmental Initiatives
  • Recycling
  • Carpooling
  • Staff commuting
  • Alternative transportation
  • Eco-friendly paper products and administrative supplies
Commitment to Employees
  • Flexible hours
  • Option to work from home


CO2 Emissions Saved (kg)
Waste Diverted (kg)
Dollars Donated ($)
Hours Volunteered

COVID-19: Web development continues as normal. All staff work remotely.    

A digital consulting firm, Structured Abstraction imagines and develops online tools specifically for not-for-profits, creators and social innovators. Its goal is to deliver successful and meaningful online platforms to meet its partners’ revenue and mission objectives. Structured Abstraction believes in supporting vibrant local organizations that enhance Calgary’s sustainability and sense of community.

Structured Abstraction is an e-organization that strives to live locally. Staff reduce their carbon footprint by taking bikes and public transportation to work and meetings when possible. The company buys locally, with its only external suppliers being web hosting services.

Structured Abstraction supports and promotes its core partners. You’ll find Structured Abstraction sponsoring numerous client events, and bringing its other partners along. Sponsorship usually takes the form of in-kind digital work, and Structured Abstraction is proud to have donated over 13% of its time to these projects to date.