Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal

Independent, multi-media artist, partnering with the Indigenous community of Otoskwanihk to host handmade paper-making workshops
Member Since 2020
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Handmade paper-making workshops have been cancelled and unveilings of certain art pieces have been postponed until restrictions are lifted.

As an entrepreneur, Tamara focuses on relationships with those who she works with. Through coming to a common understanding of one another, our intent, values, abilities and beliefs, the desired outcome can be met. Whether that's being applied to formulating ideas around a commission, working as an artist consultant on committees, juries, or in other collaborative group settings, the multi-faceted community around us at large is at the forefront.

Tamara’s approach to art-making and community-work is held through a cultural context, with a family-first lens. The individuals Tamara then works with are treated with compassion, equity, and in a trauma-informed manner. In Tamara's artwork, Indigenous ways of knowing, passed onto her from her Elders, knowledge holders and community members are integrated into her pieces. Without the support of Tamara's relatives, mentors, fellow artists, curators, and artistic/cultural workers, this way of working might not have been initially seen as a viable way of moving forward. As a maker of objects, Tamara's route is to keep materials sourced locally. Tamara chooses to reduce her footprint by utilizing recycled materials, often through crowdsourcing or by respectfully and sustainably harvesting/gathering the materials herself. These options keep the integrity of the work and it's meaning both intact.