The Dandy Brewing Company

The Dandy Brewing Company makes premium beers with a focus on quality ingredients and exciting styles.
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2003 11th Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 3G6
(587) 956-8836

COVID-19 UPDATE: All their products are available for online ordering for delivery (Tuesday and Friday) or else pick up from the brewery. Contactless pick up is available upon request. AT the brewery itself, they have implemented many changes to the layout of their restaurant, serving style, and hygiene/cleaning procedures to ensure a high level of safety for all those who visit them.

The Dandy Brewing Company was the first small brewery licensed in Alberta, in 2014, once laws were changed to allow for small producers. Starting in a small industrial bay, brewing 400L batches, Dandy has grown into a production facility and restaurant in the heart of the historic Ramsay neighbourhood in Calgary.

Dandy produces a wide range of premium beers, with recipes driven by quality ingredients and a passion for ingenuity. From fine-tuned lagers to classic stouts, to fruited sours, Dandy has been driven less by what's hot in craft beer trends, but instead by what we want to drink or brew. The Dandy Brewing Company is not looking to reinvent the wheel on beer but is driven to produce the most exciting and enjoyable beer on the shelf.