The Magic Pantry Marketplace

The Magic Pantry Marketplace is a mini farmers market focused on selling local food products from Alberta based businesses
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6324 Bowness RD, NW
Calgary, Alberta T3B 0E5
(587) 356-0038

COVID-19 UPDATE: The Magic Pantry Marketplace is open for regular hours and at 1/3 capacity. They do takeaway coffees, meals and all things to make meals at home.

The Magic Pantry Marketplace sells over 60 Alberta based businesses food products. They believe in local and keeping success in their own community. All the businesses they carry are small businesses who believe in quality ingredients and supporting the community. They LOVE food, and want to provide their customers with great tasting pantry staples and restaurant inspired takeaway meals.

They carry a number of different professionally trained chefs with their amazing food products at the Marketplace and love telling customers what fun recipe ideas they have with those products. They believe in community! The Marketplace is a community, once they are allowed to have events, there will be weekly events that will focus on education, fun and socializing with vendors and customers. They believe people should know where their food comes from, how it was grown and where it was produced. They can tell customers where everything came from, even down to the packaging with every product they have in the store.

Jacki and Alex are the owners of The Magic Pantry Marketplace and they make the pickled and preserved products you can find in the store. After doing the pop-up farmers market circuit, they met so many great people and companies that they were able to create a whole marketplace with those products.