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COVID-19 UPDATE: Clients can support The Small Business Photographer by booking brand photography sessions, event photography and product photography.

As the CEO and Founder of The Small Business Photographer, Lindsay Sullivan is a leading brand photographer who helps heart-centred entrepreneurs star in gorgeous images for their social media, websites, and marketing. Lindsay’s signature brand photography sessions result in customized photos that resonate with her clients’ brands, communicate their brand stories and capture their inner essence. She also specializes in helping her clients feel beautiful and photogenic in front of the camera.

She helps business owners get:
-A large variety of AUTHENTIC, gorgeous PHOTOS that you can pull from whenever you need a photo for your blog, social media, website, and marketing
-Photos where the locations, props, outfits, poses and mood are completely customized to your brand, so that your photos will tell YOUR BRAND STORY and help you STAND OUT from your competition
-Photos which allow your PERSONALITY to shine through! AND
-Someone who could help you get into POSES which really FLATTER YOU and GIVE you CONFIDENCE!

And ultimately, photos which attract and book your dream clients.