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COVID-19 UPDATE: They have extended hours of operation due to COVID and limited capacity. Day times and weekends are now open and available, please find them on google for more information and hours of operation. All tutoring sessions are to be done online through zoom and consultations are done over the phone. No in-person contact.

People should care about their business, The Wonder Tutor, because their main goal is to help future generations thrive in STEM subjects, which will lead to a better life, economy, and environment for everyone in the long run. The confidence youth gain in their abilities while tutoring with them is also incredibly important. Developing critical thinking skills and gaining such confidence early benefits students in the future - particularly in university, future workplaces, and in the community. They also want to be able to provide a charitable or social enterprise aspect into their mission which would affect low-income households. This means donating proceeds or hours and putting them back into the local community.

The Wonder Tutor strongly believes that education is for all, no matter the circumstance. Again, this benefits all of society when youth are encouraged to be involved in academics and become better, more educated citizens. The value they provide to customers and the community is both social and economic. Graduation is of value to their clients and students alike. Along with successfully helping a family, the economic effects of each extra student who graduates are incredible. The Wonder Tutor is the better tutoring business because they are very affordable as well as both reputable and qualified. Also once the social enterprise aspect gets going, they will be the only tutoring business in Calgary giving back into the local community in such a way. With staff who are experienced in serving people of all abilities, they provide top-notch tutoring to those who have ADHA, anxiety, past traumas, and many more.