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Specializing in WordPress Web Design, Logo Creation, & Business Card Design, Hosting & SEO.
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COVID-19 UPDATE: Tiga Design is available between 9am and 5pm via email or phone without any changes in operation hours.

Tiga Design is started by Reg Hendryanto, an entrepreneur with a passion for helping community members start their businesses through websites.  Tiga Design strives to be different by being more accessible and affordable to its clients while also conducting its business ethically by hiring out local graphic artists, photographers, web developers, etc.  So far Tiga Design has served at least three Momentum clients and is helping out more Calgarians to be successful business entrepreneurs.  As any entrepreneur knows it’s really difficult to have a viable business without a fully functioning website and its corresponding traffic.

Tiga Design is no stranger to altruistic activities.  Reg has volunteered about 20 hours to help collect used kids’ bikes for Hull Services in Woodbine Calgary.  Hull Services is a non-profit group that helps children with mental health.

So contact Tiga Design on any assistance on your web projects or issues today.