Versett works to improve technology practices within businesses and organizations.
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300, 505 - 8 Ave SW
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  • Be Local Award: Diversity & Inclusion Leader 2018
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  • Option to work from home


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Versett is an award-winning technological innovation and design firm, with offices in Dubai and Edmonton as well as Calgary, working with companies both big (such as Shaw Media and Virgin Mobile) and small (Momentum and Startup Calgary). In 2014, Versett was named one of Alberta Venture Magazine's 25 Most Innovative Organizations.

Versett believes that technology and how to properly apply it is vital to the success of any business or project, and that success begins with solid understanding and strategy. By injecting designers, programmers and problem-solvers into projects from the get-go, Versett delivers success at its greatest potential.

Every quarter, Versett provides employees with a gift of $150, which they can allocate to whatever charity, community program, or person in need they so choose. Versett wants its employees to feel like equal participants in the company's charitable contributions.