Village Brewery

Village Brewery works to support Calgary’s artists and craftspeople.
Member Since 2012
Employees 18
Locations 1
Local Suppliers 65%
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5000 12A Street SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5K9
  • Be Local Award: Community Economy Leader 2016
Environmental Initiatives
  • Product design
  • Water efficiency
  • Waste reduction
Commitment to Employees
  • Education reimbursement


CO2 Emissions Saved (kg)
Waste Diverted (kg)
Dollars Donated ($)
Hours Volunteered

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It takes a village to raise a beer. And a beer to raise a village.

Village Brewery's purpose is to use beer as a social lubricant for gathering people around the community. It strives to keep local in every way possible, and has no ambition to grow too large, nor any desire to sell its beer outside of Calgary. It has chosen this path as it allows the company to stay true to why it started – to gather people around community.

Village brews its beer to a lower alcohol content, and designs the bottles to be smaller for reduced consumption.

Much of its energy is focused on supporting the arts, because Village Brewery believes it is the backbone of society. Village lets local artists sell their products at the brewery without taking any commission for the sale, and it does not charge a rental fee for various art groups to use its space.

Village takes pride in promoting other local businesses, community groups, artists and individuals, through profiles and photos on the company website. It is actively building a strong community through the use of their space, product donations and fundraising support.