Vine Styles

Vine Styles is a boutique wine, spirits, and craft beer shop in Kensington. Organized by styles, focused on taste
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1127b Kensington Road NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 3P4
(403) 474-8367

COVID-19 UPDATE: Curbside pick-up and home delivery available as well as an online option to browse a limited selection of their collection. Hours of Operations are limited to 11am to 6pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Social distancing measures in the store are followed, and limited number of customers in the store may apply.

Vine Styles, the wine shop where the motto is “wine done different”. What does that mean? At Vine Styles, they are interested in thinking outside the box and unlike the traditional approach taken by most wine shops, they are in the business of tailoring the wine shopping to their customer's taste buds. You’ve heard of bespoke suits; this is bespoke wine shopping.

In the shop you’ll discover 10 different wine style sections that will help you navigate to just the right bottle. Maybe it’s a nice warm day outside and you’re looking for something to enjoy poolside. That’s a perfect opportunity to visit their ‘Crisp’ section where you’ll find a great assortment of refreshing Sauvignon Blancs, fresh Pinot Grigios and Vinho Verdes with a little zing. Or pop by the "Bold" section for your perfect Steak partner.

They are all about building relationships, with their customers, local businesses, wineries, wine import and export agencies, local restaurants, etc. Their passion is reflected in their approach to wine shopping, to customer experience... they always have a smile on their face and a wine in mind. Nathalie, a Montreal native, is the owner... and you can find her at the store most of the time! To her, a stranger is a friend she just hasn't met yet! Jen, their social stylist, is a geeky lifelong learner with an avid passion for food & wine. Nik, a passionate wine lover, amateur chef, soccer referee, squash player, and community ice-rink maker, has been part of the team since day one.