Volio’s Confections

Delicious treats and sweets, focused on preserving the art of handmade confectionary.
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704 8 Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 1H2
(403) 324-0743

COVID-19 UPDATE: Store access is limited to one person or one household at a time. Curbside pick up is available.

Volio’s Confections was created out of a desire to bring the art of handmade hard candy to Calgary and grew into a fully fledged candy company. Our favourite thing to hear is “I haven’t had this candy since I was a kid!”. Everything sold in store is handmade by skilled candy makers and customers can watch the whole process happen. Experience candy being pulled on an old taffy hook and try a warm fresh candy! Volio’s strives to work with other local businesses and we love collaborating with companies to make more delicious offerings. Working with people to create their dream candy is truly a treat. With the ability to make custom candies for weddings, company logos, birthdays, charities etc, Volio’s Confections loves to make your candy dream a reality. With a wide range of treats to offer, customers can experience hundreds of flavours of hard candies, sponge toffee, marshmallows, lollipops, brittles and more! Pride is taken in a constantly evolving lineup of flavours and new and exciting candy experiences for all ages.