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Handmade beeswax and honey products
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Online store open 24/7. Launching virtual candlemaking workshops

YYC Beeswax is a company making beauty and home goods from beeswax and honey, founded by Lisa Graham.

When formulating new products, Lisa looks at how her bees can help her solve a given problem. For example, Lisa created solid lotion bars to combat liquid restrictions in air travel, and beeswax food wraps to replace plastic wrap. She also sells various kits to teach people how to make their own candles.

 Besides bees, Lisa’s other passion is music. She’s played the flute since she was in junior high – when her tiny country school got its first “real band teacher.” Lisa’s gone on to teach music in Calgary schools and private lessons since and facilitate fundraisers for school band programs through YYC Beeswax, providing lip balms for students to sell.