Elixir Crafting With Herbalist Yarrow Willard Cl.H.

Jan. 30, 2019
7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Blush Lane Organic Market Marda Loop
2044 33 Avenue Southwest

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Many herbs, superfoods and medicinal mushrooms have healing powers that can greatly enhance our health, increase energy, and restore harmony when we are out of balance.

In this mini-intensive the Herbal Jedi will share with you how to work with some of the world's top health ingredients and craft them into delicious nourishing hot tonic elixir drinks. This revolutionary drinkable format goes beyond a smoothie, chai latte or butter coffee, combining the best of what all these formats have to offer in an easy to prepare and enjoyable format.

Please note the $10 ticket price is to reserve your seat. You will be reimbursed with a $10 Blush Lane coupon at the event.