Ideation Station

March 9, 2019
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

2936 Radcliffe Dr SE #16

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Do you have an idea for a social enterprise? Are you passionate about reducing poverty, and making your Calgary community a safe, inclusive, and abundant place for everyone? Join us on March 9th for a FREE full day workshop, where we’ll spend the day further refining your idea towards a viable community change effort. By using a variety of tools, lean methodologies, and harnessing the collective wisdom of innovators in the room, you’ll leave with a deepened understanding of how to engage with a social problem and model a solution that truly creates sustainable impact.

Why engage with us? Thrive’s understanding of social issues run deep and creating social-change is all we do. Our heart is local. We have the connections in community you need to maximize your impact; whether that’s with residents facing barriers in Calgary neighbourhoods, or partner organizations that are effecting change today.

Join a group of 12 change-makers on March 9th from 9:00am-4:00pm. Bring a water bottle, a lunch and a readiness to explore impactful ideas! This workshop will be held in partnership with Business Link Alberta.