Kick Off Worskhsop for new Cohousing Project

March 15, 2019 - March 16, 2019
7 p.m. - 4 p.m.

106 402 30 Ave NE

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If you……

Are intrigued with the idea of personal privacy combined with community?
Are desiring an inner-city location close to parks, bike paths and transit?
Have been pondering the possibility of living a more meaningful, connected and sustainable lifestyle.
Want to work closely on this exciting co-housing project with a cohousing friendly developer very familiar with the project location and its sensitivities, who will work to find creative, affordable solutions to make this project a reality?
But you have questions…

What will it cost?
Can I afford it?
How will it be designed? Who are the professionals?
How long will it take?
Who are the other people?
How will we make decisions?
And most importantly, how will we get it built?
Then this workshop is for YOU!

Now is the time to get your answers. Invest in this weekend workshop to meet the people and learn what you need to know to join in the adventure.

This workshop will bring together committed and curious cohousers as well as introducing the professional team; Sarah Arthurs with Cohousing Connections, Kathryn McCamant with Cohousing Solutions and Cliff Alexander with Studio Developments, property developer and project manager in NE Calgary. We will be outlining a tight but exciting timeline!