Unite YYC | Ladies Night

March 29, 2019
5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

1206 20 Ave SE

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Hey Friends!

Welcome to Unite. There are so many amazing people in Calgary who hustle hard every single day to make things happen for themselves, their families, and their businesses. I want to create an event that can give those people a chance to get out of the house (or the office) and connect with like-minded individuals, products, and service providers.

The goal for Unite is to create a place to focus on your business as well as self-care, as they truly go hand in hand. There will be many types of events being hosted by Unite, ranging from ladies nights and date nights, to full conventions. Please feel free to keep an eye on us for upcoming events and opportunities!

This business/self care mini-convention was specifically designed to treat female entrepreneurs. I wanted to bring together the fiercely loyal fempreneurs of Calgary and give them a retreat - all in one night! We’re all friends here, come and hangout!

Come to hear from some AMAZING speakers, focusing on a variety of topics involving business and self care. Tap into your spiritual side through readings and one-on-one appointments. Set some time aside for a relaxing chair massage or other wellness-oriented services. Grab a tasty bite and beverage from our food & drink vendors, and shop our awesome marketplace filled with local goodies!

Here are some of the vendors/influencers you can expect to see at Unite @ The Commons:

NRT Fashions

Apryl Dawn Designs


Cranberry Boutique

Sweet Dreaming Crafts

Hush Adult

Jaggie Media

Decades Collide

Unique Vinyl Works

Cherry Chic Designs

Devils Head Coffee

just to name a few…

Preview of our Speaker Line-Up:

Apryl Dawn – Manifesting Through Fear

Heather Andrews – Be Seen and Heard Through the Power of Story

Monique Feser – The Four Pillars of Wellness

Ash Ahern – Your Personal Brand

Kristen Dawson – The Confident Way

....and more!