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5 ways to reduce waste this holiday season

Put some green in your holiday celebrations

December 16, 2019 by Centaine Hlushak on Blush Lane Organic Market, Claudia's Choices, Community Natural Foods, Dryleaf, Eau Claire Distillery, Gemstone Grass-Fed Beef, Mañana Imports and Gifts, Righteous Gelato, Top Grass Cattle Company, True Büch Kombucha, Village Brewery

According to a 2017 article in Canadian Geographic, “Canada's dirty secret,” Canadians produce an additional 300,000 tonnes of waste between mid-November and New Year’s Eve. In this time of festive get-togethers, we encourage you to think globally and act locally:

  1. Use compostable plates: With every home in Calgary equipped with compost and recycling bins, there’s little excuse to use disposables at your next holiday shindig. Consider purchasing compostable plates and bowls from Dryleaf -- made with fallen leaves from the founder’s home country of India.
  2. Forgo single-use plastic noisemakers: Plastic horns and party-blowers rarely see use beyond New Year’s Eve. Instead, try making your own noisemakers with dry beans in a can or empty paper towel roll. Or for a long-term solution, pick up an instrument or two from Mañana Imports & Gifts -- where you can find drums, castanets and more from around the world.
  3. Buy local food: Every party needs great food. Lower your carbon footprint by shopping at grocery stores like Community Natural Foods and Blush Lane. With beverages from Eau Claire Distillery, True Buch Kombucha and Village Brewery, meats from Gemstone Grass-Fed Beef and Top Grass Cattle Co, and dessert from Fiasco Gelato, your guests will be fed well in addition to being fed locally. 
  4. Send alternative cards: Cards can often devolve into clutter, but there are a few ways around such a fate. Consider using cards printed on recycled paper, or on seed-filled paper which can then be planted to bring joy all year round. Or go completely paperless and send e-cards instead.
  5. Post-party cleanup: The aftermath of a party often involves a mess of empty bottles and cans. Utilizing homegrown services like Skip the Depot can minimize your environmental impact for you. The service also takes away unwanted clothing and electronics to help you get a jump on your New Year’s resolution of decluttering. If the cleanup situation is truly dire, consider using green cleaning products like Claudia’s Choices detergent.

Cheers to a low-waste holiday season!


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