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7th Annual Be Local Awards open to public for first time ever

REAP ceremony joins Soul of the Next Economy Forum lineup

Now in its seventh year, REAP’s annual Be Local Awards will be reaching a broader audience at the Soul of the Next Economy Forum.

“The Soul of the Next Economy Forum is where business, the non-profit sector, government, and educational institutions converge to change the way we do business and impact society,” says Donna Vecino, event planner for the Forum.

With the Be Local Awards celebrating how our members do business differently, it made sense to combine the two long-standing events. This year, for the first time ever, the Be Local Awards ceremony will be available to the public through the Soul of the Next Economy Forum.

Over the next six weeks, we will feature the 20 candidates who’ve applied for the following six Leadership Awards:

  • Encompassing Energy Leader: Presented by Bullfrog Power to the REAP business with the most comprehensive energy conservation program;
  • Community Economy Leader: Presented by Thrive to a REAP member that is building a thriving, resilient and inclusive economy for all.
  • Empowering Employees Leader: Presented by Vibrant Communities Calgary to a REAP member that is affecting meaningful and sustainable progress towards reducing poverty through employee-centred practices that build resilience.
  • B Corp Leader: Presented by Chandos Construction, awarded to the REAP member with a B Corp certification that also demonstrates active involvement with its community, employee practices, and environmental stewardship.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Leader: Presented by Universal Access and Prospect Human Services to a REAP member that values the perspectives and contributions of all people and incorporates diverse needs, assets and insight into the design and implementation of universal and inclusive programs.
  • Communications Leader: Presented by GOOD Company Graphic Design to a REAP member that has demonstrated the most effective use of design to communicate impact and/or encourage engagement.

Starting now, you will be able to vote every 24 hours for who you think should win each award, with a new batch of nominees featured each week starting Sundays at midnight. A 10% weighting will be placed on these votes to impact the scores given by the sponsors. Whoever wins gets to take home the coveted bee trophy.

Congrats to all our nominees, we can’t wait to see you at our first public awards ceremony!


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