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Black Sheep Mattress Company a family affair

Mattress maker on working with and learning from dad

It has always been Christian Schmidt’s dream to work with his dad. When Christian opened Black Sheep Mattress Company, that dream became a reality.

“I’ve learned the value of a work ethic and finding meaning through what you do, and being comfortable in your own skin. He’s a real man’s man and a strong male role model -- I’m lucky.”

A retired carpet installer with a lengthy career in construction, dad Joe Schmidt lends his expertise in the mattress factory -- located behind Black Sheep Mattress Company’s showroom floor on Blackfoot Trail. All of the mattresses, box springs, pillows, and sheets are made in-house by hand.

“He’s taught me so much about the kind of leader I want to be,” Christian says. He is grateful for the closeness that he has with his dad, both personally and professionally. From Christian’s first job working on his dad’s construction sites as a teenager to many annual father-son fishing trips and basketball games.

“It’s been great getting to work with him again, and also to get him to slow down a bit and take some days off.”

Maintaining a dual familial and professional relationship isn’t for everyone. Christian gives Joe “a majority of the credit” for making it work so well, given his dad’s easygoing nature and unabashed honesty.

“All he wants is to see you successful,” Christian says. “Whatever that takes, whatever it looks like.”


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