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Caffe Beano – A timeless institution for coffee drinking Calgarians

Caffe Beano's coffee knows no age

October 12, 2017 by Kirti Bhadresa on Caffe Beano

The best reason to stop by Caffe Beano is the coffee - consistently fresh, smooth, and beautifully made.

I have been going to Caffe Beano for a really long time, and mostly because I welcome a really good coffee in my day.

In my 20s I would walk down 17th to Beano on Sunday mornings, armed with a University assignment, if I didn’t have plans to meet friends. In my 30’s I would stop in on my way home from my job in the Beltline, welcoming the opportunity to observe the end of a work day and make plans for the rest of the day.

And now, I come here with my family. I pull out the crayons and paper I keep in my purse for just this time. While my husband and I sip our cappuccinos, flipping through the paper as we fondly remember the days when we had time to read it cover to cover, our two kids entertain themselves. Usually quietly; they know by now that this is generally a place for grownups that requires a different code of conduct than they are used to, which I happen to think is good for them too.

My second favourite thing about Beano is that it is a proper café. Like those ones in Europe: places that are a hub for the community, places where people of all ages and walks of life come to sit together.

Caffe Beano is, in fact, the only place I have been going through all the stages of my adulthood. The people there have become familiar. While I don’t know what most of our Beano acquaintances do for work, or where they live, I have gotten to know more important things about them over the years, the quiet confidences that happen over shared beverages in welcoming spaces.


  1. Stop by Caffe Beano for a really good coffee. If you have the time, stay a while and revel in the unique atmosphere and company that can only be found at this one of a kind café in Calgary.
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