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Calgary children’s author connects kids and kids-at-heart to nature

Books that feed kids and plant trees

June 27, 2018 by Centaine Hlushak on Stephanie Hrehirchuk

Stephanie Hrehirchuk is a children’s author who “accidentally fell into” the profession two years ago.

A passionate yogi and mother, Stephanie had originally set out to write a manuscript on yoga practice and parenthood – but she wasn’t making the progress she’d hoped for. “There was a point where I needed to get past my self-doubt around putting this book in the world,” she says.

“I thought that taking a children’s story that I’d already written and publishing it myself would give me the tools, knowledge and confidence to later publish this manuscript.”

That children’s story – Anna and the Earth Angel – quickly snowballed into Stephanie self-publishing two more (Anna and the Tree Fort, and Anna and the Food Forest), each one based in Calgary and with the aim to provide kids in Grade 3-4 with the tools for creative problem solving and environmental stewardship.

“All of my Anna stories are based on my life and adventures here in Tuscany and 12 Mile Coulee. The coulee has been my sanctuary for 12 years, and I wanted to connect others with the nature that they drive by every day. How alive, and yet sensitive, it is.”

Stephanie has recently partnered with TreeEra to plant a tree for every print copy of an Anna book sold. TreeEra works to offset carbon emissions by planting trees in deforested regions of Alberta, British Columbia, and the United States.

“The publishing industry is very hard on our forests,” Stephanie says. “I needed to find a way to be an author without contributing to that damage.” For books purchased locally (not through a third-party seller like Amazon), Stephanie gets them printed on recycled paper.

In addition, Stephanie donates 10% of the profits from her Ayurveda-inspired nutrition guide Nourish to Fuel for School – an organization that brings nutritious breakfasts to elementary schools in need.

“I want to plant a million trees and feed a million kids in my lifetime,” she says.

Stephanie will have two more children’s books coming out by the end of this year before she finishes the Anna series.

“It’s been such a beautiful series, and now I’m excited to work on other projects,” she says. Namely another children’s book on grief, and the long-awaited yoga manuscript that started it all.


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