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Changing how stories are told with New Scoop YYC

At New Scoop YYC, it's always a good news day

October 7, 2016 by Centaine Hlushak on New Scoop YYC

New Scoop YYC was born from the desire to share positive stories that empower the possibilities for social change.

“It’s meant to be an alternative to the regular news cycle that doesn’t pay attention to the sorts of things that we would like to pay attention to,” explains Simone Lee, one of the founding members of New Scoop YYC. “We know that we get more of what we pay attention to.  We are paying attention to communities and initiatives that demonstrate Calgary as an inclusive, connected, thriving, and sustainable city.”

The platform practices “generative journalism,” choosing to surface stories about the present and future of community economic development, social change, and entrepreneurship.

New Scoop YYC is a co-op owned by its members. As a multi-stakeholder co-op, its membership base includes worker members, individual members and organizational members, such as Vibrant Communities Calgary, Momentum, and United Way of Calgary.  The vision for NewScoop is that it is a media platform owned by Calgarians, for Calgarians.

“Anyone or any community of change who’s interested in social innovation, equity, or is actively trying to create a better Calgary can join,” says Simone.

Stories are found through NewScoop’s own investigation, or brought to their attention by members. Simone says that New Scoop YYC stands alongside its subjects, discovering and sharing strengths-based stories within partner organizations “We are seeking to find and emerge the stories of what that organization is doing, and how it ripples out.”

One of Simone’s favourite stories from New Scoop YYC is a story by her colleague Barb Briggs about The Church Agency Collective About Sexual Exploitation. This collective was started by two local pastors who wanted to do more than just talking about sexual exploitation – they wanted to take action.

What Simone finds particularly inspiring about this story is how through coming together each organization discovered their strengths and gifts to contribute to positive change. The Collective brings together resources for housing, volunteering, jobs and networking for survivors. These resources were there all along – what it took was the opportunity for the collective to bring them together.

“We’re giving Calgarians the opportunity to shape the future that they want to see.”

New Scoop YYC could also serve as a prototype for new media in other cities. Simone says “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a NewScoop YEG, or YVR, or YYZ?” 


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