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Claudia T Photography empowers women to develop from negatives

Bringing inner beauty out through photos

With her photography business Claudia T Photography, Claudia Tecuceanu is uplifting women by putting the focus on the beauty of their personal and professional lives.

“Whether it’s capturing a moment in time or a feeling shared between couples and families, photography has always been my passion and I knew I had to make it my living,” Claudia says. Claudia T Photography’s style comes from the heart, bringing out the personality of its subjects and preserving memories for an image that will remain timeless throughout.

“I was raised in a culture where women are expected to act a certain way and work certain jobs, without much time for themselves,” she explains. “I focus on women primarily because I want to empower women to allow themselves that one hour, where they can be present with their families or be pampered with a beauty session, rather than hiding themselves away.”

She observes that women don’t often see themselves as beautiful, focussing on their flaws. With her photography style ranging from corporate headshots, to couples, family, and boudoir, Claudia works to bring forward that beauty – inside and out.

“I want to show them that they are truly beautiful, no matter what flaws they think they have.”


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