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Community Economy Leaders embrace what is possible

Presenting the 2019 Community Economy Leader nominees

Thrive is proud to be presenting the award for Community Economy Leader as part of this year’s Be Local Awards.

The award sponsorship, and Thrive’s partnership with REAP generally, is part of Thrive’s mandate to build a thriving, resilient and inclusive economy for all.

“This award is in recognition of business leaders who are demonstrating how to care for their community directly through their operations, products, and services,” says Erin Melnychuk, Community Initiatives Manager at Momentum, who oversees Thrive. 

The Community Economy Leader Award is awarded to a REAP member that is actively practicing community economic development. They are rooted here and it shows in their daily practices investing in people and places, purchasing from fellow local businesses, providing valuable social benefit and supporting their community in general.

This year’s nominees for the Community Economy Leader Award are as follows:

  • Calgary Dollars is the only municipally-funded digital complementary currency in Canada. The digital Calgary Dollars system includes mobile apps for both city-wide and subnetwork trading and payment.
  • GenerousSolutions is an online ticketing platform aimed at improving the health and stability of local non-profit organizations through event ticket sales and hosting.
  • Goodpin is an online platform built on giving back by putting the power in the hands of the public to decide where the donations go.
  • Lowen’s Skincare is a natural skincare company built on science and local ingredients. This year, Lowen's founder Chad Zelensky established a scholarship fund through Royal Roads University in hopes of helping others foster their dreams of pursuing higher education and in turn, helping build their own community.
  • True Buch is a draught kombucha company dedicated to community and fostering small business growth. Namely through the True Incubator, which equips female entrepreneurs with a variety of skills including financial literacy, business planning skills, basics of corporate law and influential community connections.

“Thrive sponsors this award to inspire others to think beyond typical corporate social responsibility donations and imagine how to use their business as a vehicle for meaningful community impact,” says Erin. 

“This award is a chance to celebrate what's possible.” 


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