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Community Natural Foods rings up relationships

Customer Care line brings service up a notch

As Canada’s largest online health food store, and with three brick and mortar Calgary locations, Community Natural Foods interacts with many customers each day. To be truly helpful in every customer interaction, Community Natural Foods needed to concentrate its attention rather than divide it between in-store and over-the-phone interactions.

The solution? The Customer Care Line.

“We were looking at how well we were serving our customers. Phone calls were proving a bit problematic when you’ve got a customer standing in front of you and another on the phone that both need help,” says Liam Liam Muzichuk, Customer Experience Manager.

The Customer Care Line answers all phone calls made to the company and can field anywhere from 750 to 1,000 calls in an average week.

Fostering and repairing customer relationships is a big part of the Customer Care Line. “We take every call we get seriously,” says Liam. He remembers a call he received when Community Natural Foods added live lobster tanks at its downtown location. These tanks were installed on behalf of Billingsgate Seafood Market after the store was lost in a fire.

“Some of our vegan customers were not happy about the lobsters. I was very transparent with this one lady and said, ‘I’d like to tell you that these lobsters are going to go away, but I won’t be able to.’ I was really listening and trying to empathize with her.”

“Suddenly the line went very quiet. I asked if she was okay, and she said, ‘I want to be mad at you, but you’re being so nice that I can’t.’” The woman decided to start shopping at Community Natural Foods’ Chinook location instead because it didn’t have lobster tanks.

Liam helped develop the Customer Engagement department, as well as a program to help shift the paradigm on how the business thinks about service. “In order to remain relevant in our customer’s eyes, we decided that customer service had to be at the forefront of everything.”

“We know we can do better, and we’re always driven by that.”


  1. For comments, questions, and concerns call the Customer Care Line at 403-930-6363 or email
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