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Conscious Brands finds new clarity in its 10th year

Sustainability consultant takes new direction

September 13, 2017 by Stephanie Ball on Conscious Brands

Conscious Brands has always been just that: conscious of who they are, what they do, and what their goals are. Now, in their 10th year of business, the folks at Conscious Brands are aligning their goals and values with a new vision.

The Calgary based consulting company is anything but static in its approach to guiding and advancing businesses in their sustainability goals. Ideas and strategies are constantly generated, new angles sought out and considered.

But this isn’t new.

“Conscious Brands has always been evolutionary in purpose, so as the world changes, we change,” says founder Rob Sinclar.

The company’s core mission is to help 1,000 brands transition or further thrive in the new economy.

How they work to achieve that goal has evolved over the years because as the values of businesses change, Conscious Brands has to adapt. As an organization, their focus has shifted from carbon calculation to activating sustainability to harmony.

“We define harmony as a flourishing, responsive, regenerative society,” says Rob.

This year, Conscious Brands has obtained clarity on what a conscious brand truly is. Carbon calculation, “B Corp”, and sustainability are all aspects of that definition, and it’s all in service of the 1,000 brands goal, which is being guided by their new vision of harmony.

Along with the new vision, Conscious Brands is making changes to their workspace. With the Conscious Brands team spread out across the country, their office space was being utilized less than 30% of the time. The group chose to prioritize culture over concrete and put their space on the market. The sale of the office space will enable the whole group to get together more often, making better use of time and money, says Rob.

Conscious Brands is always re-evaluating what’s happening and talking about what the next big goal is.

“I see hope and chaos,” says Rob about the new economy. Over the past 10 years, he has seen a growing sense of consciousness.

“Trends are emerging that are validating our purpose of harmony.”


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