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Devil’s Head Coffee jams out for food security

Coffee roaster launches new blend as Food Bank fundraiser

In these chaotic times, Devil’s Head Coffee is doing its part to support food security by raising funds for the Calgary Food Bank. 

As a local coffee roaster rooted in community, co-founder Chris Meginbir thought it made sense to use coffee as the vehicle and formulated a special blend for this fundraiser: Alberta Jam -- from which $1 will go towards helping families in need put food on the table. 

The name Alberta Jam comes from a particular rock face in the Ghost River Valley of the same name. An avid rock climber (in fact, Devil’s Head is also named after a mountain), Chris thought the metaphor was poignant for the current time as Alberta Jam is famously challenging, a steep and unforgiving wall of limestone. “You need a lot of grit to get through it,” he says. “But you know that there’s an end in sight.” 

Devil’s Head Coffee had its own brush with challenges in the form of a break-in and robbery at its roasterie in Southeast Calgary on the weekend of April 18, where the perpetrators made off with $5,000 worth of equipment and beans. “We were lucky though,” Chris is quick to say. “They only took things, I was still able to roast coffee that same afternoon. A lot of people have it worse right now.” 

Chris hopes that this new initiative will bring some joy into people’s lives -- whether it be through groceries from the Food Bank or a fresh pot of coffee. 


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