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Diversity & Inclusion Leaders break barriers

Presenting the 2019 nominees for the Diversity & Inclusion Leader Award

The Diversity & Inclusion Leader Award recognizes the REAP member that strives to break down barriers to employment for those with disabilities or different backgrounds and provide an accommodating and supportive work environment.


The award is co-sponsored by Prospect Human Services -- an organization specializing in inclusive employment opportunities, and Universal Access -- an accessibility firm that assesses the accessibility of public businesses to help fellow patrons with disabilities lead full, integrated lives in society.


“I felt it was an important award to support because it helps invoke why Universal Access exists,” says Universal Access CEO and Head Chair Sean Crump. “Striving for equal opportunity and an inclusive thought process behind the workforce.”

The nominees for this award are as follows:

  • Dryleaf makes compostable plates out of fallen leaves sourced directly from coastal India. It hires locals – many of whom live in poverty -- to harvest the leaves and form the plates then, in addition to providing a sustainable livelihood, Dryleaf provides financial consultation and advice to help employees manage their finances and health and hygiene programs to improve their healthy lifestyle.
  • Redemptive Developments is a junk removal, mattress recycler, and secondhand furniture store dedicated to lowering barriers to employment -- including those with disabilities. Redemptive Developments maintains a flexible work schedule policy for those with disabilities who have limited capacities for work, and make schedule adjustments regularly to meet the needs of its staff.
  • SPUD is a grocery delivery company specializing in organic and locally-sourced goods. The company makes a continuous effort not only to hire those with disabilities but to also make them feel included and supported, from learning ASL to communicate with its hearing-impaired staff to hosting Autism 101 workshops to better understand colleagues on the autism spectrum.
  • True Buch is a draught kombucha company deeply committed to building an inclusive and accommodating work environment that will have a ripple effect in its communities, including raising funds through kombucha sales to send two LGBTQ+ youth to Camp fYrefly.

"This award brings more awareness to diversity and inclusion by supporting and giving credit to companies that already have these stipulations and policies in place,” Sean says.


  1. Click the links above to vote for who you think should win the Diversity & Inclusion Leader Award before this window closes Sunday at 11:59 pm MST!
  2. Click here to learn more about Universal Access and Prospect Human Services' bodies of work.
  3.  See the award ceremony for yourself at the Soul of the Next Economy Forum on Nov 14. Save $50 on registration before September 30.