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Dryleaf serves up change on a compostable plate

Plate ware from the Earth, back to the Earth

April 26, 2018 by Centaine Hlushak on Dryleaf

Frustrated by the pollution caused by Styrofoam and paper plates, Hardik Pandya is creating change with his own natural plate ware, Dryleaf, composed entirely of fallen palm leaves.

“It’s from the Earth, back to the Earth,” he says. Dryleaf began production in early 2018.

The leaves are harvested from Hardik’s home country of India, where he employs locals at a living wage to pick up, clean, and heat-press the leaves in the factory. Dryleaf products are made without the use of harmful chemicals unlike their Styrofoam counterparts, and since it’s made of fallen leaves, no trees are cut down in the process. Dryleaf plates are compostable and are microwave and oven-safe.

“We worry so much about the food we put in our bodies, but what we eat our food out of has an impact as well. If you put a plastic plate in the microwave, it’s going to create a chemical reaction that we wouldn’t want to ingest.”

Hardik hopes that his start-up will help others take action to reduce their impact on the environment, while also providing meaningful work to the people of coastal India who were once living below the poverty line.

“I came to Canada eight years ago as a student with $545 in my pocket. The journey has been incredible, and I’m grateful to be able to give back to the community.”


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