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Eau Claire Distillery launches summer dinner series

Celebrating the food and farms of Southern Alberta

August 9, 2019 by Centaine Hlushak on Deepwater Farms, Eau Claire Distillery

Churning out spirits from Turner Valley, Eau Claire Distillery has always touted a “farm-to-glass” philosophy. This summer, they are bringing this philosophy to the dinner table with the Farm Dinner series.

Every Friday through the end of August, Eau Claire Distillery will partner with local farms to create a unique dinner experience, with resident chef Judy Wood pairing the main course with an Eau Claire cocktail and using the spirits’ raw ingredients to concoct new dishes.

“She made us the guinea pigs for a spent-grain flatbread pizza with vodka tomato sauce, and a gin and tonic creme brulee the other day,” says Chelsea Barclay, Marketing Manager. “It was amazing.”

Chef Wood will be partnering with local producers from around Southern Alberta, including Winter’s Turkeys and fellow REAP member Deepwater Farms to provide the proteins. The evening includes a tour of the distillery, cocktails and lawn games with appetizers, and a three-course meal, including dessert and an aperitif. Chef Wood and the featured producers are also in attendance each night to talk about their craft while people eat.

“It’s a nice, relaxing time,” Chelsea says.

The Dinner Series is the beginning of a new era of offerings for Eau Claire Distillery with the recent purchase of the surrounding seven acres of land, which Chelsea says they’ve dubbed “The Distillery Gardens,” where they plan to host many more events to come -- from dinners to weddings.

 “It’s been interesting getting people out here to enjoy local food and meet the producers directly, to hear the love and passion that goes into their products -- including our own.”


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